The 12 Essences for the Emotions

Propinquity Vibrational Essences address the full spectrum of human emotions. There are 12 essences, divided into 3 ranges.

Propinquity Building Range of Vibrational Essences

Building Range

For those emotions that help us achieve the life we desire.

Propinquity Clearing Range of Vibrational Essences

Clearing Range

For those emotions that limit us in achieving the life we desire.

Propinquity Healing Range of Vibrational Essences

Healing Range

For those emotions that constrict us from achieving the life we desire

Although each essence is a standalone remedy, they are designed to be taken in sequence within each range (from the highest to the lowest number) and across the 3 ranges. The sequence for the Ranges is to move from the constricting emotions in the Healing Range, through the Clearing Range and completing with the expanding emotions in the Building Range.

Each essence is a blend of the Propinquity Release Essence with the addition of one or two specific essences to create the unique products of the Propinquity Vibrational Essence range. Essences used include a variety of roses, pomegranate, willow, mulberry, corn stalk, wisteria, chamomile, blueberry, peppertree, amber, gold, quartz, quartz sand, scoria, spiders’ silk, silk cocoon and energised water.

Building Range

Propinquity Essence 1: Love, happiness, wonder

Essence No. 1 Love, happiness, wonder

These emotions lead us to a greater sense of intimacy with ourselves and our world. They expand our ability to give and to receive, to ourselves and to others in our world. They lift us to a greater expression of ourselves, our joy and our freedom. They deepen our sense of conviction, intention and resolve which leads to greater personal authority and the sense of inner peace.

This is the essence that leads to a greater sense of love and the understanding of love as an energy that can be applied to all things. It can lead to an understanding and experience of unity. This essence can be a difficult one for people to take; it does help if you have a philosophy of life that integrates the idea of love and happiness at an individual and humanitarian level. This essence will help make sense of the experiences and changes in your thoughts and feelings. There may be some emotional turmoil in the initial stages of taking this essence that appear as flu or cold like symptoms. Over time, people experience a more profound and lasting change in their worldview.

Propinquity Essence 2: Hope, trust, passion, compassion

Essence No. 2 Hope, trust, passion, compassion

Our passion for ourselves and others is reflected in our love, enthusiasm, yearning and longing. Compassion is the empathy we feel towards others and ourselves and the ability to forgive others and ourselves. The trust we place in others and in ourselves builds our confidence. Hope, the synergy of expectation and anticipation, creates the spark that opens to wonder, happiness and love.

This is a beautiful essence and one that people experience as ‘a deeper connection with themselves’ or as a ‘soul connection’. Some people have experienced the ‘beautiful sadness’ that often accompanies compassion - those moments of understanding or of experiencing the depths of love and pain that as human beings is within all of us. When compassion is turned on self it leads to self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is a critical aspect of any physical, mental and emotional healing.

If people are feeling despondent about life or are in great emotional turmoil it is often helpful to start on this essence to assist in building the positive energies. It may be appropriate for them to take this essence for 1 or 2 weeks prior to undertaking a fuller release program. It can also be used concurrently with the essences in the Healing Range (at 1 dose per day) for as long as is useful. You may also consider finishing a release program with this essence to assist in the process of self-forgiveness (compassion).

Propinquity Essence 3: Enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness, optimism

Essence No. 3 Enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness, optimism

These emotions relate to the thrill of living. They are uplifting and expanding; they let you know that you are alive. They are a critical part of creating and maintaining a long and happy life. They provide the energy to your life that helps create the passions, pleasures, dreams and visions in your life. They help provide meaning to your life, the things that get you out of bed in the morning.

This essence does build the energy and can influence the body’s natural rhythms. Some people have reported that it can be like having a ‘strong coffee’. On this essence, people report that it creates a stronger desire to ‘do things’ in their life. This is another essence that provides counter balance to a despondent emotional state, an additional boost or ‘pull’ to a better future.

This essence is excellent for starting new projects and where a higher than normal level of energy is required or when that extra effort is required. It is excellent for people who are recovering from illnesses and want their energy boosted. It is an excellent essence to take every day (preferably in the morning) to add the extra zing to the day. If you find your energy increased to the point where it is difficult to sleep or sleep-in we suggest this essence be taken once a day, in the morning and not be taken before bed.

Propinquity Essence 4: Well-being, content, satisfied

Essence No. 4 Well-being, content, satisfied

These emotions are the basis of the ability to live a positive life on a daily basis. As our emotions ebb and flow this group needs to be the anchor point around which our emotions flow. They represent the sense that all is well without being complacent in life. Their development and solidness are important as they are the state upon which the positive emotions creating inner peace are based.

This could be called the ‘lazy Sunday essence’ as that is the feeling it creates - the feelings of well-being, contentment and satisfaction. Whilst this one is easy to overlook it provides a necessary base or anchor for the ebb and flow of the emotions in the Building Range. Some people have reported that they like to take this essence every evening as it sets the tone for a wonderful sleep.

This is an important essence for anyone and everyone – plants and animals included! Specifically recommended for people who are or have been ill, the elderly or in an immediate post-operative situation. It will help the healing process and to bring the sense of well-being back to that person. It is excellent in situations of long-term stress particularly when used in conjunction with essence No 6 (crisis, pity, overwhelmed, worry, doubt).

Clearing Range

Propinquity Essence 5: Frustration, confusion, boredom, impatience

Essence No. 5 Frustration, confusion, boredom, impatience

The emotions of confusion and frustration create a paralysis, where there is no clarity and no ability to move or change. When understood they can point to opportunities for you to learn and develop. Boredom is imprisoning and stops you finding new directions and opportunities, while the sense of impatience reflects the lack of congruity between your desire and beliefs.

People have found this to be a very helpful essence particularly when clarity in thought is required or when emotions are overlapping and appear so interwoven that you cannot make sense of any one emotion. Taking the essence at a high dose (3 times a day) for 1 or 2 days bring clarity in thinking and the ability to identify the different emotions that are caught in the confusion. Whilst it can be a critical part of an overall release program there is major benefit in this essence being used when working on mental or emotional issues to assist in the clarity and motivations around issues and problems.

Reports are that this essence works well in reducing stress headaches, migraines and colds. It is best to take this essence at the high doses if you want to address any of these physical issues. This essence is excellent in situations where you are required to be mentally aware; such as studying, exams, writing reports or for interview situations.

Propinquity Essence 6: Crisis, pity, overwhelmed, worry, doubt

Essence No. 6 Crisis, pity, overwhelmed, worry, doubt

We know the sense of being out of control, in unknown waters and being engulfed by these feelings. These experiences reflect a lack of self-trust, fear of the unknown, unexpressed anger and not managing the demands of life: the sense that something will go wrong that we cannot control. From here it is easy to cross into self-pity to become the victim or the martyr in your life.

This is an important essence for people to use on an on-going basis as most people experience these emotions on a daily or weekly basis. This essence helps bring calm and understanding to issues, allowing the patterns and behaviours that underpin these emotions to come to awareness. This essence can be highly effective as a form of ‘rescue remedy’ and can be taken when a stress event occurs. In the same way that Essence No. 5 can bring clarity to thinking, Essence No. 6 can bring awareness of the patterns of behaviour that flow from those thoughts and emotions. Essences 5 and 6 work well together when trying to solve problems, whether personal or professional. Essence No. 6 can be taken in combination with other essences, as part of a release program or on an ‘as needs’ basis.

This essence is superb for physical crises such as; bites, stings, tooth aches and the shock caused by physical trauma. It is an excellent first stop for the shock caused by emotional trauma if other essences are not available. Use this essence before events such as exams, interviews, social events, presentations to assist with managing the ‘pre’ nerves and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the situation.

This is the ‘go-to’ essence for your animals who are experiencing any physical difficulty and plants which are stressed or about to be planted out or transplanted. Some reports indicate it is helpful in managing flu symptoms.

Propinquity Essence 7: Guilt, sadness, pessimism

Essence No. 7 Guilt, sadness, pessimism

This group of emotions represent the sorrow in life. They are closely related to unexpressed anger, as sadness often underpins our anger and guilt is the anger that we feel we have no right to express. Deep sadness often highlights there is a need to forgive others and ourselves. Without this forgiveness, we continue to experience personal shame and remorse.

People often experience these emotions as they complete the processing of different issues or experiences of their life. This is particularly so in the case of anger. What lies beneath the emotions relating to anger and resentment is a deeper sorrow, the sorrow that was not resolved at the time when anger or resentment was experienced. We suggest that this essence be taken in conjunctions with Essence No. 8 (anger, fury, resentment and bitterness). This essence is critical for guilt (anger that you feel you do not have a right to have) and we recommend that it is followed by Essence No. 8, in the cyclical pattern of 2 weeks on each.

This sadness is also likely to arise at other times such as mourning a death or loss of a friendship or relationship. Mourning the loss of a dream or an opportunity that has passed in life, particularly for older people, is an important phase.

Propinquity Essence 8: Anger, fury, resentment, bitterness

Essence No. 8 Anger, fury, resentment, bitterness

Anger is a true emotion that informs us of conflicts between our beliefs. It informs us where our expectations in life are not being met and challenges us to review these expectations. We are not taught to manage and handle anger effectively; instead we suppress anger. Left unprocessed, this anger ferments into the stronger emotions, which can lead us into greater emotional pain.

The majority of people have experienced the release of their anger through the physical body. The most typical are - muscles and joint stiffness, bruising or the brief re-occurrence of childhood ailments. This essence also works effectively as a ‘quick release’ from the immediate trauma of an event involving anger.

After taking the essence the ability to become angry does not disappear, however, it changes its nature. Anger will be experienced as a more immediate event with a focus. We recommend that you find ways to process and deal with your anger. Knowing more about how and why anger arises in you and developing healthy anger management techniques is critical to becoming an effective adult.

As the sense of sadness arises through the anger release process it is beneficial to take Essence No. 7 when this happens. If after undertaking the full release program the feeling of anger persists then we suggest that the root issue is one of rage rather than anger (Essence No. 11 covers rage).

Healing Range

Propinquity Essence 9: Rejection, betrayal, humiliation, hurt, fear, anxiety

Essence No. 9 Rejection, betrayal, humiliation, hurt, fear, anxiety

The emotions of personal pain and hurt - those intense feelings linked to experiences of betrayal, rejection, hurt and humiliation. These often occurred in our childhood, however, we seem to repeat these patterns throughout life. These are the fears in our lives, identified or unidentified, that give rise to the anxieties that can rule our life, haunt our thoughts and keep us from experiencing love and joy.

This is the area, which causes the most emotional turmoil in people’s lives. Fear, anxiety, the potential for rejection, betrayal, humiliation and hurt are factors that can lead us to lock away our emotional selves. The major impact of this essence is emotional release, particularly through crying. Some people have experienced intermittent crying that has lasted for 2 to 3 days. The crying is often triggered by insignificant events and is not about anything in particular.

This is the main essence for dealing with the events that happened as a child. Traumatic or upsetting events in early life leave deep pain and grief, which influences our emotions and anxiety related behaviours when we have grown up. This is a critical essence for children, who have suffered one of these events (e.g. bullying, separation/ divorce) to stop that experience becoming locked away and leading to further trauma later in life.

This can be a highly liberating essence and we recommend this as the starting point for working with the Healing Range. Once the emotion is released there appears to be no further impact. Aspects of the emotion of fear and anxiety are often released in later rounds of taking this essence.

Propinquity Essence 10: Blame, jealousy, envy

Essence No. 10 Blame, jealousy, envy

Jealousy starts out as the fear that ‘there is not going to be enough for me’ and becomes ‘I am not enough’. Envy starts as the fear that ‘you can’t get what you want’ and becomes ‘I am not enough’. When we don’t believe we are enough, we feel that others are to blame. This blame eventually turns inwards and we start to blame ourselves and start to punish ourselves.

This is an important essence and all people would benefit from a re-balancing of these emotions. Blame, jealousy and envy are all emotions that are endemic in society and from a metaphysical perspective are the underpinnings of a number of illnesses. These emotions can be fundamental to the ability to have success in our lives. We like to Blame others when our life is not working. Our jealousies and envies of the success of others will stop us trying and eventually smothers our desires for what we want in life.

The major outcomes experienced with this essence relate to increased awareness of your behaviour, as it relates to these emotions. While on this essence, it is important to have a supportive person around you, and information on processes and techniques to enable the changing of patterns of behaviour.

Propinquity Essence 11: Rage, violence, revenge, hate, punishment

Essence No. 11 Rage, violence, revenge, hate, punishment

Beyond jealousy and envy is rage and hate, with the desire for revenge and punishment. When we are experiencing our own sense of powerlessness we often turn to the punishing emotions. Rage uses the masks of other emotions (anger, fear, hurt, loneliness, shame etc) as the vehicle to vent itself. These punishing emotions turned inwards on self are as devastating as when turned towards others.

Rage is an emotion that is not acceptable in society and appears to be increasingly prevalent. Rage also uses other emotions to ‘mask’ itself – anger, loneliness, grief, fear, blame, arrogance – so that many people are not aware that they are experiencing rage. The various ‘masks of rage’ are important to understand when working with these essences. Rage at self and self-punishment are far more prevalent in our community than we like to admit and all individuals would benefit from a re-balancing of these emotions.

This essence needs to be taken with care and needs to be closely monitored. It is very important to monitor your emotional states and change the frequency of taking this essence on a day-by-day basis, if need be. The major experience relating to this essence is one of tiredness (and a lot of rage related illnesses are fatigue related). A lot of energy is consumed by rage and in the initial stages of release people often experience fatigue around days 3-5. We suggest that you plan for this fatigue in deciding which day to start taking this essence

Propinquity Essence 12: Depression, despair, loneliness, worthlessness

Essence No. 12 Depression, despair, loneliness, worthlessness

This group of emotions represents very low vibrations. It is where the sense of self has been lost and the void filled with the experience of a life without hope, meaning or substance. Life is suspended, without direction and you exist only in the blackness and in despair. Often associated with deep levels of hurt or anger, which you feel you have no right to express; or by quick or sudden changes in life.

This essence also brings into awareness those issues and hurts that are deeply hidden inside. When these issues arise and become clear you can choose to move to the essence that directly relates to the emotion or stay with this essence. People on this essence report that they feel lighter and more balanced. Their experience is of emotional issues lifting and dissipating, with a greater desire and ability to do things for themselves.

Plants and Animals - Plastic Bottle Dispenser

Propinquity Essences: Plants and Animals - Plastic Bottle Dispenser

Plants and Animals - Plastic Bottle Dispenser

Essences work wonderfully for all plants and animals, both in domestic and commercial situation. The three main essences for plants and animals are:

  • Essence 6 Crisis, Overwhelmed, Worry, Doubt & Pity – for all cases where the system is being upset in some way.
  • Essence 4 Wellbeing, Content, Satisfied – for maintenance and healthy growth.
  • Essence 1 Love, Happiness, Wonder – for excellence in development

To make it easier to use these essences for plants and animals we make these three essences in a plastic dispensing bottle. This allows a single squirt into the mouth of an animal or over the leaves of a plant.

For further information on how to use the essences with plants and animals please see our FAQ