Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the difference is subtle and significant. The significant difference is found in the process of making the Mother tincture. Homeopathic solutions are traditionally developed from a very small amount of the substance, which is succussed and further worked into more potent dilutions. The different levels of potency work with different levels of the body system. Essences are made by immersing the substance in water and allowing the energy flow to be taken up by the water. Essences only have one level of potency.

Both methods require the same approach to hygiene in how the remedy is stored and taken.

Propinquity Vibrational Essences can be used by people of any age or health status. They complement any medicinal regime and will not conflict with medications (although please be aware of the hygiene factors). Babies and children can use the essences safely, as can pregnant and lactating women.

The essences are especially useful for children, particularly where a significant event has occurred, which has resulted in an emotional trauma.

Propinquity Vibrational Essences do not block the capacity to feel new or existing emotions. They are designed to allow the residue of constricting emotions to fall away, to improve the ability to handle limiting emotions and to strengthen the expanding emotions.

The Essences help the body to gently release constricting emotions, without the need to re-experience the trauma of these emotions. As one emotion starts to shift there is a flow-on effect to other emotions that are closely related in frequency. A ‘masking emotion’ may surface before the true emotion.

It is possible to feel a little emotional around the end of the first week, or to experience a release through the physical body, for instance sore muscles (particularly with the release of anger - Essence No. 8). As the essences take effect you may become more aware of how these emotions influence your life. With increasing awareness comes the ability to choose how to react to a situation.

If you are taking essences from the Healing Range, please be aware that after about a week the body’s overall energy system can start to shift down to this level. You will know if this occurs as you will start to feel more agitated or annoyed and in less of a ‘good mood’. If this occurs then the essence should only be taken over short periods of time. Take the essence in one of these 3 ways: a) at the Low dose rate (once per day); b) take the essence for 1 week, rest for a week, take the essence for 1 week; c) taken in conjunction with another balancing essence (i.e. from the Building Range).

If you are not experiencing emotions or it appears that nothing is happening within your body then you are experiencing a ‘slow and easy’ change. Outward physical or emotional signs are not required to indicate that changes are occurring. Each individual will respond to the emotional release differently. If you are concerned, please talk with your health practitioner.

The most appropriate dosage is 3-4 drops of the liquid form at any one time. Place drops directly under the tongue with the dropper and allow to mix with the saliva. It is important that vibrational essences are absorbed in the mouth, not in the stomach.

To ensure the effectiveness of your essences, it is important that there is a gap of 15 minutes between taking your essences and eating or drinking (other than water) or cleaning your teeth. The 15 minute gap, also applies when taking other vibrational essences, homeopathic remedies or other strong tasting remedies, for instance herbal remedies.

The speed of the release cycle is linked to the rate of use, rather than the amount taken. Propinquity Vibrational Essences can be taken at 3 rates:

  1. High – drops taken 3-4 times during the day.
  2. Medium – drops taken 2 times in the day, usually morning and evening
  3. Low – drops taken once daily.

Medium is the rate at which most people are comfortable and which is referred to as the ‘normal’ dose. With the high rate, it is possible that your emotional response will be noticeable to you. If you are concerned that your emotions may become too intense, then it would be advisable to start with the low rate and increase the rate only if and when you feel comfortable. With the low rate the clearing cycle may take longer. Changing the rate of use during the program does not impact on the overall effectiveness.

As with all forms of vibrational essences it is not possible to overdose. There is no build up of toxicity of the essence and there is no residue left in the body.

Most definitely you can. Placing any substance, except clean water, in the mouth within 15 minutes of taking your essences will negate the effectiveness of that essence dose. Within means before and after you take the essence. This can be very difficult for people who lead a busy life and try to fit all their health and wellbeing activities into a set time.

The substances, which are difficult for essences to overcome, are typically those that we start and end our day with – things which have a strong taste so usually contain a ‘volatile oil’ - coffee, tea, herb teas, toothpaste, perfumes, after shaves, nicotine.

Unless they contain a volatile oil, prescription medicines will not impact on Essences. It is safe to take your prescription medicines along with the essences. Herbal or Chinese medicines are full of volatile oils so they are incompatible with Essences. If you are taking herbs, leave at least 15 minutes, or until the taste has disappeared. Please use the general rule that ‘if I still have the taste in my mouth, I don’t take the essence’.

If you are currently using homeopathic remedies, it is important to understand the impact that the essence might have on your overall energy balance. Discuss this with your health practitioner.

Please note - This rule bends when taking Essences in the Emergency cycle. In this case the aim is to get 4 doses in the hour regardless of what was consumed prior to the crisis.

Essences can be taken as a Release Program, in an Emergency Cycle, on an As Need basis or as part of a Maintenance program.

Release Program

Each essence should be taken for at least 90 doses. For the normal rate (twice daily) the essence is taken for 45 days, whereas on a low rate the essence is taken for a total of 90 days. It is possible to change the rate of use, which will vary the number of days the essences are taken. If the program is interrupted, start again where you left off.

It is possible to undertake a release program working progressively through the essences in a Range. It is appropriate to take each essence for 2 weeks (at the normal rate), starting at the highest number in that range and then moving in order up through the numbers (for example start with Essence No. 8, then Essence No. 7, Essence No. 6 and finish with Essence No. 5 ). It would take 2 months to complete this cycle, which is then repeated twice more, giving a total of 6 months on the essences. This sequence ensures that the energy is shifted progressively and that associated energies are also shifted.

If you are dealing with specific feelings in this Healing Range, we recommend that you work through all of the Healing Range and essences No. 8 (anger), No. 7 (guilt/sadness) from the Clearing Range and No. 2 (hope/compassion) from the Building Range. For many people this group of feeling have underlying issues of anger, which require the anger to be released. It is beneficial to have an essence that pulls you forward and helps to build a sense of the future meaning.

As Need

Essences can be taken in response to an emotional situation or trauma. When this need arises, take the essence (3-4 drops) as soon as possible, then every 4 hours for the first day (6 doses within 24 hours). For subsequent days, 4 doses can be spaced out regularly over 24 hours.

Essences can also be taken before significant events. For example, take both Essence No. 6 (for worry) and Essence No. 2 (for hope) before an exam. Please be sure to leave 15 minutes between taking each essence, and ensure that hygiene rules are followed.


After completing a release program, it is recommended that you undertake a mini-release over a 2 week period each year using each of the four essences in the Clearing Range (8 weeks in total). If there has been a traumatic event in your life, use the essences from the Healing Range. Essences from the Building Range can be used as desired.

There are many ways of varying this program so speak to your health practitioner about what works best for you in your circumstances.

Essence 6 is recommended for the management of crisis (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). In a crisis, Essence 6 can be taken in the emergency cycle – 4 doses in 1 hour:

  • Dose 1: Initial
  • Dose 2: 10 minutes later
  • Dose 3: 20 minutes later
  • Dose 4: 30 minutes later

If the immediate crisis has not lifted or medical attention has not yet been received, Dose 5 can be given in a further 30 minutes. Monitor requirements from there with any subsequent doses a further hour apart.

The three main essences for plants and animals are:

Essence 6 Crisis, Overwhelmed, Worry, Doubt & Pity – for all cases where the system is being upset in some way.

  • Plants: use for transplant shock, heat or cold stress, attack by insects and at initial planting. If the plant is a soft skin (e.g. cactus type) do not put essence directly on plant as the alcohol will burn the skin, instead add drops to water. For hard skin plants drops can be placed directly on plants. The dosage rate is 3-4 drops per plant from the droppers or one squirt from the plastic dispensing bottles directly on the plant or per litre of water. Essence 6 is used in the Emergency cycle, for transplants, give before and after the transplant.
  • Animals: use for any physical upset such as birthing, vomiting, a fright, being attacked or involved in a fight or aggression, crying – two does 10 minutes apart and make an assessment after another 10 minutes whether the Emergency cycle is required. For a severe illness or injury this essence can be used (Emergency cycle) until veterinary help is received. The dose rate is 3-4 drops from the droppers or one squirt into the mouth from the plastic dispensing bottles.

Essence 4 Wellbeing, Content, Satisfied – for maintenance and healthy growth.

  • Plants: This essence can be used as often as you desire to enhance the growth and aid in the flowering and fruiting of plants. The dosage rate is 3-4 drops per plant from the droppers or one squirt from the plastic dispensing bottles directly on the plant or per litre of water.
  • Animals: This essence can be added to the drinking water of any domestic or farm animals on a daily basis to aid in the ongoing wellness of the animal. The dose rate is 3-4 drops from the droppers or one squirt from the plastic dispensing bottles.

Essence 1 Love, Happiness, Wonder – for excellence in development

  • Plants: The occasional use of this essence at the phase of early growth, flowering or fruiting and maturing enhances the plants development at these stages. This essence can enhance the plants own essence of being, increasing it abundance. The dosage rate is 3-4 drops per plant from the droppers or one squirt from the plastic dispensing bottles directly on the plant or per litre of water.
  • Animals: The occasional use of this essence at different times can benefit the animals overall wellbeing and prepare it for significant transitions such as birthing, separation and death. The dose rate is 3-4 drops from the droppers or one squirt from the plastic dispensing bottles.

It is critical that the hygiene requirement for Propinquity Vibrational Essences be followed at all times.

  • Always ensure that the dropper is not contaminated with saliva from your mouth. If necessary, rinse the dropper with clean running water and shake dry before returning dropper to the bottle.
  • Do not to share your essences with another person due to the risk of contamination.
  • Vibrational essences are corrupted by other strong sources of energy and other strong flavours and odours. Do not leave your essences close to electrical products, in direct sunlight, near essential oils, or products that have strong odours or energies.
  • Essences are also affected by excessive exposure to all forms of X-ray scanning. If your essences will be subject to many scans, it is advisable to remove them from your luggage.

If you have any queries or concerns you should always talk with your health practitioner.

When taking vibrational essences, it is always best to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Physical – Maintain a healthy diet, with balanced nutrition and if required, supplements. Reducing or eliminating the intake of substances that are ‘toxic’ to the body, such as alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and psychotic or mood-altering drugs can also be beneficial to your overall wellness. You may find that supporting and nurturing yourself with complimentary activities such as massage, Reiki, bodywork or chiropractic/ osteopathic sessions may also assist.
  • Mental – Vibrational essences will still work even if you are not convinced of their effectiveness, however, a willingness to suspend your beliefs will allow you to better observe the changes within your life. A positive mental attitude to the ability of your body to reach and maintain wellness is important. To enhance your positive perspectives on life, it is always beneficial to do activities that you find enjoyable, whether it be a creative activity, a hobby or learning something new.
  • Emotional – Taking the essences will bring into consciousness a wide range of emotions. Many will come to mind and once recognised by you, will disappear. Always be prepared to acknowledge your emotions and if necessary, to forgive yourself for your role in past events. Having someone to talk to, whether it is a friend or counsellor, may also assist in your understanding of what is being released. Meditation and creative visualisations can also be of assistance.

Always talk to you Health Care Practitioner about the different ways to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.

The essences are produced in liquid form, which contains alcohol (usually brandy at a 10% dilution) as a preservative. The liquid form absorbs more rapidly, however, if you would like the essence in pilules form these can be made-to-order on our equipment, so please contact us.

We run one-day on-line training programs on emotions and feelings and how these can be managed using our Essences. Contact our office LINK to enquire when the next program is running.

Internet Links

There are a very large number of web sites relating to vibrational essences and we suggest that you search ‘vibrational essences’, ‘flower essences’, ‘gem essences’, ‘stone essences’ or ‘ritual essences’ to begin exploring.

Key Books

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  • Comprehensive discussion of flower essences and homeopathy, how they work, impacts on the human body, remedies for specific conditions, applications for animal and plant healing. Combination of researched and channelled information and includes an extensive reference and reading list.

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  • Includes a full list of the different essences available from many countries, industry associations, training courses and a reading list.

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