About Vibrational Essences


Vibrational essences are the ‘essence’, the ‘life force’ or the ‘vibrational frequency’ of a plant, mineral or other living substance that has been transferred into water. This mixture is the Primary or Mother essence. The Mother essence is used to make the secondary or stock essence. Finally, a dosage essence is prepared that is consumed by people, plants or animals. The two most common forms of essences are flower and gem essences.

Vibrational essences have been made in many cultures over thousands of years. Dr Edward Bach revived the art in England in the 1930’s and Bach Flowers are a leading brand of flower essence. Today vibrational essences are being made throughout the world.

Essences are made in a number of different forms, including a liquid (water and alcohol mix), pills (infused into a cornstarch or lactose pilule), powders (infused into cornstarch) and creams (using non-petrochemical ingredients). Essences can be taken via the mouth in drops taken from the bottle or sipped in water or they can be absorbed through the skin as a spray, cream or powder. For further information on how to take essences, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are vibrational frequencies?

Properties of Waves

To understand vibrational essences, it is necessary to acknowledge the changes in Western Science brought about through quantum science, the science of quanta or very small packets of energy.

Theories found in Quantum Physics (e.g. wave particle theory and string theory) show that all phenomena are comprised of both particles (atoms and molecules) and energy waves (frequencies of vibration). Western science is very familiar with the study of atoms and molecules and it forms the basis of the western medical system. The concept that the body is comprised of energy waves has a long tradition going back to the ancient Greek civilisation and is the basis of the Eastern systems of medicine. Advances in western science through the application of quantum physics have led to the development of a great many medical advances, not least the areas of Medical Resonant Imaging (MRI) scanning and ultrasound.

The study of electromagnetic energy and particularly the field of electrodynamics is the study of the movement of particles, through the effects of their oscillation or vibrations, in the form of waves. These waves are described in terms of their amplitude (height), frequency of vibration (speed or number of cycles per unit of time) and magnitude (what happens when waves overlap). Schoolchildren are taught about this area through the example of what happens when you throw a pebble into a pond. Recent advances in this area include; digital technology, the mobile phone technology and wireless technology.

One method to bring about a change in an energy wave (the target) is to introduce another energy wave. This is the application of the study of ‘magnitude’ in electrodynamics. By introducing a different or moderating energy wave the target energy wave is changed. When the frequency of the moderating energy interacts with the frequency of the target an interference pattern is created, from which a new energy wave emerges. This wave is different from the two previous waves and eventually establishes itself as the new energy wave. To ensure the target energy wave moves to the desired frequency, the key is the consistent application of this moderating energy.

The same principles apply in the case of vibrational essences. Here the target energy wave is your emotions and feelings and the moderating energy wave is the unique energy waveform or ‘life force’ of particular plants, minerals or other naturally occurring substances.

How do vibrational essences work?

Cummulitive effect of different frequencies

The mechanism of how vibrational essences work is not fully understood in a traditional scientific sense. Current understanding is that the frequency held in the essence sends a message to the brain, in particular the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, with instructions to change the vibration rate of the body in line with the vibration rate of the essence.

There are differing views on how the message is transported throughout the body. One view is that the message is sent via the body’s meridian system, the basis of Chinese medicine. Another view is that the vibrations work at the cellular level of the body, on the micro-filaments in each cell. Whatever the mechanism at play, we know from peoples lived experience that taking vibrational essences results in reported changes to the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body. In the case of vibrational essences, consistency in taking the essences is the key to their effectiveness.

Emotions and feelings as frequencies of vibrations

The mind-body concept outlines the link between the beliefs and emotions and the physical body. This concept states that the body is influenced by what we believe and what we feel, which ultimately influences our state of wellness. Through addressing our beliefs and clearing out unresolved and limiting emotions and felt experiences we increase our state of wellness.

Emotional discomfort, hurt and pain occurs as beliefs, feelings and emotions have not been processed and released so remain in the body’s energy system long after the event has passed. Emotions and feelings are ‘moderators’ of energy, changing the frequencies higher or lower. Unresolved and limiting emotions and feelings moderate the energy waves by changing or reducing their electro-dynamic forms. Left long enough, these changes to the body’s frequency level can lead to the deterioration of the physical, mental and emotional functioning of the body.

Another way of thinking about the body’s energy field is to think of yourself as a great musical symphony, with the different instruments playing together in harmony to make your life. If one of the instruments is out of tune, there is disharmony and the symphony does not sound right. Vibrational essences act like a tuning mechanism for the instruments, allowing them to come back into tune or into harmony with the music of life.

How can an essence from nature change me?

The movement of any type of energy into physical form follows a very specific three-stage pattern:

  1. Focus – the purpose or aim.
  2. Function – the outcome that links to the purpose.
  3. Form – the specific output as a physical manifestation - the thoughts and feelings.

This pattern was understood by the ancient Greeks and is considered to be one of the foundational principles of philosophy. Planning, architecture and design, even modern management follows these three basic principles. To create something first define the aim, establish the desired outcome and then determine what the output looks like.

To change a physical reality, you can work at any of the three stages. As energy moves through the first two stages (focus and function) it meets various types of resistance – our beliefs, emotions and feelings - that ‘step down’ the energy, acting as boundaries to delineate the energy until it reaches the physical. If our beliefs and emotions are limiting so will be the form of our reality.

One way to create healing and wellness is to change the frequency as it ‘steps down’. Vibrational essences, work at the focus or aim stage through the principles of electrodynamics. Essences work to change the frequency of the intention, aim or purpose in order to bring about change at the subsequent levels.