Affinity; near or close kinship; similarity; nearness or closeness; in space or time

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Why the Word Propinquity

‘Propinquity’ as a word means having an affinity with, either in time, place, relationship or the inherent qualities of objects. This is the affinity between the qualities of natural substances and human emotions. This affinity is what allows the essences to have impact on the body’s energy system. Read More

This affinity allows Propinquity essences to have impact on your felt state, giving you the ability to manage and regulate your feelings and emotions.


Propinquity Vibrational Essences are a unique blend of the ‘life force’ of substances found in nature. These are blended to create essences that target specific vibrational frequencies of the body, allowing each frequency to be re-tuned. The benefit of this re-tuning is a greater sense of personal wellbeing.


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